Isis Wills

Providing for loved ones

Isis Wills is designed to help ambitious “growth companies” in the South East to identify what to do, how to do it and to gain access to resources and funding. Companies will typically use technology as a major part of their commercial activities, or be planning to, with 30 – 1,000 employees, although there are no strict limits on employee numbers. The majority of companies that the programme helps have been established for some time. We work closely with Co-operative Funeralcare and the Church of England to ensure that your funeral needs are carefully dealt with. Our financial services are accredited by the Financial Services Authority and Business Link.

Isis has a team of highly experienced director level advisors who all have both general commercial and specific sectoral technical expertise. These experienced Innovation Advisors will be able to visit businesses for anything from 2 hours to 10 days and will be equipped with a series of Innovation Toolkits including technology assessment, marketing of innovation, process management, corporate venturing and project management. They will also have access to information on the best resources available in the region to help firms strengthen their own R&D capability – all free of charge.